Up and Running


We are pleased to announce that European networking project InForm is now well and truly up and running.  The aim of the project is to organise conferences and networking events in the area of nanoformulation. 


The first conference, NanoFormulation2010, was held in Stockholm in 2010 with over 120 delegates.  The event was a great success.

The next conference is to be held is NanoFormulation2011 in Singapore on the 26th June to the 1st July.  Details and registration are available at www.nanoformulation2011.com . Hope to see you there!!

The third conference in the series is planned for Barcelona  in May 2012.

The InForm project is the brain child of Phillippe Rogueda (Novartis) and Flor Siperstein (Uni. Manchester) under the auspices of the Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG).  It brings together expertise and partners throughout the world.




The Partners of InForm are:


Automaxion SARL, France
University of Manchester, UK (co-ordinating organisation)
FSTG (Royal Society of Chemistry), UK
Dechema, Germany
Societé Chimique de France
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain
YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry, Sweden
Daren Laboratories, Israel
Higgins Consulting Ltd., UK
Novartis, UK
Bayer CropScience, Germany
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney , Australia
Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore
University of Malaya, Malaysia
Southwest Forestry University, China
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India
Strider Research Corporation (nanoparticles.org), US

More details of Inform can be found on http://www.nanoformulation.eu

InForm stands for integrating the nanoscale in formulations, and is a platform to share the best practice on the nanoscale in formulations.

InForm is a networking programme sponsored by the European Union through FP7.