MIBio 2017 Programme

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Opening remarks

Morning session:

09:15  The key roles of formulation and orthogonal analytical methods in the
          success of biopharmaceuticals
          Prof. Tudor Arvinte | Professor University of Geneva, Chairman & CEO, 
          Therapeomic Inc, Switzerland

09:45 Formulation development challenges of bi-specific antibodies
         Stephanie Davies | MedImmune, UK

10:15  Speed Networking

11:15  Stability challenges with ADCs and mAbs with extended Fab regions
          Adithya Balasubramanian | Lead Scientist, Lonza Drug Product Services,

11:45  Development of parenteral multidose products – the challenge of
          Helen Sjögren | Principal Scientist, Ferring, Denmark

12:15 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Posters

Afternoon session:

13:30 Introduction

13:45 Discussion panel  - Formulation and drug delivery challenges for biopharmaceuticals – Novel vs. traditional approaches for new products

14:45 Exhibitors highlights

15:30 Coffee break, Exhibition and Posters

16:00 Formulation and process development considerations for
         oligonucleotides intended for intrathecal
         Rob Simler | Associate Director, Biogen, USA

16:30 Glycocconjugate vaccines against bacterial infections based on
         synthetic glycans 

         Prof. Peter Seeberger | Max Planck Institute of Colloids
         and Interfaces,Germany

17:00 Concluding remarks

17:10 Conference ends


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