09:00      Registration

09:25      Welcome – Dr Simon Gibbon | Chair of FSTG

Session One – Chair David Higgins | FSTG

09:30     Nanotechnology and the Differentiated Medicine
              Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu | University College London

10:10      Methylselenocysteine loaded chitosan:zein nanoparticles: Formulation, characterisation, and extensive in-vitro evaluations pdf
              Ms Giuliana Vozza | Dublin Institute of Technology

10:30     Nanoencapsulation by Interfacial Polymerisation pdf
              Dr Lionel Petton | Agfa-Gevaert

10:50      Tea/Coffee + exhibition, posters & networking

Session Two – Chair Dr Roslyn Holmes | Lambson

11:20      Using solutions for fragrance oil encapsulation to develop local delivery of highly cytotoxic drugs
              Dr Olivier Cayre | University of Leeds

12:00      Metal-organic framework capsules
              Dr Darren Bradshaw | University of Southampton

12:20      Lunch + exhibition, posters & networking

 Session Three – Chair Prof Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy | University of Reading

13:20     Membrane emulsification: an innovative continuous process to create highly uniform capsules pdf
              Dr Marijana M Dragosavac | University of Loughborough

14:00     Mesoporous CaCO3 crystals - a powerful tool for bio-friendly encapsulation pdf
              Prof Dmitry Volodkin | Nottingham Trent University

14:40      Energy Nanocapsules for Thermo-Regulating Paints and Textiles pdf
              Prof Dmitry Shchukin | University of Liverpool

15:00      Encapsulating living microorganisms via ice-templating
              Dr Francisco M Fernandes | Sorbonne Universités, UPMC Univ Paris

Session Four – Chair Dr David Higgins | FSTG

15:20      Tea/coffee + exhibition, posters & networking

15:40      Microfluidic approaches for capsule formation via continuous phase inversion
              Dr Joao Cabral | Imperial College London

16:20      Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs): a novel host platform for enzymatic immobilisation
              Dr Clemence Sicard | Université Paris-Saclay

16:40      Mucoadhesive maleimide-functionalised liposomes for drug delivery to urinary bladder pdf
              Dr Daulet Kaldybekov | University of Reading

17:00      Close – followed by networking reception with mulled wine


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