Podium Presentations

Intrinsic viscosity and other solution properties as indicators of macromolecular conformation, shape and flexibility 
José Garcia de la Torre

Universidad de Murcia, Spain


Studying proteins and their interactions in concentrated and crowded environments via tracer sedimentation equilibrium and static light scattering 
Cristina Fernandez

CSIC, Spain


Hybrid gelation processes in enzymatically gelled biopolymers: rheology, nanostructure and cellular response
Cécile Dreiss

King's College London, UK


Protein-protein interactions in monoclonal antibody formulations: Effect on solution viscosity
Davendra Kalonia

University of Connecticut, USA


Crowded Solutions of Globular Proteins and Monoclonal Antibodies: pH, Composition and Excipient Effects on Inter-molecular Interactions and Solution Shear Rheology
Jai Pathak

MedImmune, USA


Protein-protein interactions, viscosity and injectability in multi protein co-formulations comprising Bevacizumab and recombinant HSA
Jens Thostrup Bukrinski

Novozymes, Denmark