08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Opening remarks

Morning session, chaired by Nicholas Darton

09:15 Drug discovery – some recent trends
Alan Smith (Cambridge in America, former CSO Genzyme, USA)

09:45 Measuring changes to the hydration water around proteins by terahertz spectroscopy
Chris van der Walle (MedImmune, UK)

10:15 Speed Networking

11:15 A novel in vitro method to model the fate of subcutaneously administered biopharmaceuticals and associated formulation components
Prof. Randy Mrsny (University of Bath, UK)

11:45 Exhibitors highlight

12:30 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Posters

Afternoon session, chaired by Bernardo Perez-Ramirez (Genzyme, USA)

13:45 Introduction

14:00 Starting with the end in mind. New approaches to biopharmaceutical development to reduce product attrition
Andreas Arnell (Lonza, UK)

14:30 The devil you know: look early, look hard and minimize the unexpected 
Mark Krebs (Biogen, USA)

15:00 Coffee break, Exhibition and Posters

15:30 Formulation Patents for Biologics: Challenges and Strategies for Innovators and Biosimilar Developers
Tim Shea (Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, USA)

16:00 Discussion panel: Value of formulation throughout the product life – successful products, life cycle management & intellectual property

17:00 Concluding remarks

17:10 Conference ends