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Mr Lee-Or Tsviling iand Ms Naama Eylon - Sharon Laboratories

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current natural preservation systems are often seen as a "black box" – there is difficulty to understand the content, analyze it, and especially – explain why it acts as a an antimicrobial.
In this talk we will address some of the main challenges in preservation of natural and clean-beauty products, taking into account ingredients choice, skin sensitivity, regulatory aspects and product claims.
we will explore natural preservation systems, with a deep dive to the mechanism of action, the interaction with various microorganisms, and show highly effective and scientifically based natural preservation exists.


Lee-Or Tsviling is Sharon Laboratories global technical manager. Studied chemical engineering with 27 years background in Pharmaceutical & Personal care development . He is working with customers worldwide to create better and safer products.
Naama Eylon, VP Personal Care has been in global business development and marketing with leading international manufacturing companies for over 15 years. She specializes in bringing new products from concept to reality.

Q&A (answered in chat)

Q. About the citrus extract, is it obtained via solvent extraction ? Or perhaps solvent-free systems ?

A. Solvent extraction with water

Q. Has there been a comparison between Sharon Biomix and with silver nanoparticles or silver ions?

A. No as far as I know. the benchmark for this line is other natural origin extracts. we do know Silver has antimicrobial properties, but due to controversial opinions in the market on the use of such metals, we try to stay with plant-origin.