Sustainable formats in Personal Care
Sarah Glynn -  Innospec UK

Presentation - pdf

Abstract: The cosmetics industry and their consumers are moving towards more eco conscious and sustainable formats. Currently water is being shipped around the world and plastic packaging is going to landfill, causing damage to the environment. This presentation will demonstrate how to modify cleansing products to increase their sustainability, by reducing water content and the need for packaging by using concentrated and solid formats.


Bio: Sarah Glynn is an Applications Chemist from Innospec Inc based in Ellesmere Port. Sarah has been working at Innospec Inc for 2 years, with a total of 6 years’ experience in the personal care industry. Sarah formulates innovative cleansing and skin care formulations to inspire cosmetic companies to launch the next generation of products. Sarah values the marriage of knowledge and creativity that forms the basis of personal care formulating, and delights in creating new weird and wonderful formulations. Sarah also likes to exercise their creativity by knitting socks and crocheting whenever they have a free minute.

Q&A (answered in chat)

Q. does the low water content change the "texture" of this compressed bars ? Or do you in the end manage to have the same kind of texture as a standard soap bar ?

A. The water in the compressed bars is mainly used to help bind the formulation together, once they are compressed and full dried they are the same texture as a traditional bar

Q. Being more active are they be more irritant?

A. No adverse effects have been seen.