From Natural Sources to Powerful Personal Care Ingredient
Dr. Fernando Ibarra, CEO of Evident Ingridents GmbH

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Abstract : In this talk I want to elaborate about sourcing and production pathways of selected raw materials and their use and function as well as benefits for personal care producers.


Dr. Fernando Ibarra studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg and finished his degree with a work on chemical communication between insects with a number of publications in international scientific journals, among others, PNAS, Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Science, Science and Nature. His work on the analysis and biological role of pheromones and discovery of a new class of biologically active chemicals has been awarded a prize for scientific excellence in 2003 at the University of Hamburg.

2001: started his professional career in the company Nanosolutions, developing production processes for new Nanomaterials and applications thereof. After this engagement he hasbeen working in the marketing of disinfection related products and pharmaceutical products at the companies Schülke&Mayr and Medac, respectively.
2007: entered the personal care industry working for Dr. Straetmans in the position of technical marketing manager and took over a function as director of sales and technical marketing in 2008. Since then Dr. Ibarra has been involved in the creation of new raw materials for cosmetic applications and is responsible for the global sales of Dr. Straetmans products with representations in more than 50 countries.
2014: global responsibility for the personal care business of the raw material producer Cremer Oleo/IOI Oleo as a Business Director Personal Care.
2019: Director of global sales and R&D as COO at Cosphatec GmbH.
2020: Foundation of Evident Ingredients GmbH

Q&A (answered in chat)

Q. Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids better than Beta Hydroxy Acids in breaking down cell walls to allow preservatives to get in?

A. The acids would need to enter into the cell, Hydroxyacids are very polar so would not  be ideal. Better use less polar acids.