Market Drivers in Natural Personal Care
Richard Scott - Personal Care Magazine

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Abstract:Richard has a keen interest in researching innovative new raw materials, new biotechnology methods and the ways in which the industry will approach the need for increased levels of product personalisation.


Richard Scott has been Editor of Personal Care since 2009 and has seen the publication go from strength to strength. The magazine has grown its presence with new supplements, digital formats and into new global territories, with Personal Care Global launching in January this year, delivering the latest ingredient information to 18,000 subscribers across the globe. 

Q&A (answered in chat)

Q. Natural raw materials are often more expensive than synthetic versions.  Does this limit the target market?

A. I am sure it does limit the target market, but as new technology develops and is able to create naturally-derived more cost-effectively. The price point will likely drop.

Q. Going even further than natural products, is there an increasing market for "local" ingredients ? In France several brands that focus on natural products, do also try to harvest plants themselves or at least work hand in hand with farmers to have France-harvested ingredients.

A. I think the miles that ingredients travel is very much in focus in the minds of consumers.