An event organised by The Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) in partnership with Freeman Technology and in association with Dechema.

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The seminar held on Wednesday 16th December 2009 At the RSC, Burlington House, London journeyed through the latest, most up-to-date knowledge and praxis on powder flow measurement as a way to understand powder interactions and structuring.

Leading scientists presented their work on the measurement and understanding of powder flow, with a particular look at powder rheology as a tool to elucidate particulate interactions in phenomenon such as fluidisation, aerosolisation and handling of solid particulate matter. In addition theoretical understanding of powder flow, and their visualisation with the latest laser technology will be presented.

The conference covered 3 themes:

  • practice of powder flow measurement
  • visualisation of powder flow
  • theory and its physical meaning to understand particulate flows
The event was particularly relevant for those industrial and academic scientists active in the fields of solid state colloid science, physical chemistry, chemical engineering and formulation science and technology.

The one day seminar was of great interest to a number of industry sectors: from materials science to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food science, fine chemicals, detergents, oil and lubricants, agrochemicals, material processing industries.

The speakers included: