Formative Formulation 2: a A Virtual Away Day for Early Career Formulation Scientists 

12th March 2021


Formulation scientists are behind many of the food, personal care and pharmacological products that enrich our lives. Formative Formulation 2 will connect Early Career formulation scientists from academia and industry with:

1) Invited talks from inspirational Early Career formulators
2) Themed breakout discussions

This was a relaxed, virtual Away Day style event, with a focus on networking, socialising, engagement and participation. Our aim was to reinvigorate and enlarge our Early Career Cohort (established at Formative Formulation in Cambridge in March 2019), in anticipation of our next in-person meeting.
We invited all formulation scientists who identify as “early career” to join us for this free Friday afternoon Zoom event on 12th March 2021, 1200-1700.

Session 1 - Chair: Chris Ness, RSCFST / University of Edinburgh

Arrival, welcome and introduction - Chris Ness
ECFP: At the interface of industry and academia - Dan Hodgson, Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership
From Drugs to Bubbles; There and Back Again - Omar Tarek Mansour, De Montfort University Leicester

Poster Session - Chair: Vivek Trivedi, RSCFST / University of Kent

Tien Thuy Quach: Micro/nanoscale analyses of the interfaces of the next-generation 3D-printed multi-materials
Amy Ruddlesden: From Washcoat Formulations to Inks
Marta Wojcieszak: Surface activity of herbicidal ionic liquids based on Dicamba Esterquats with 4-CPA, 2,4-D, MCPA, MCPP, and Clopyralid anions
Witold Stachowiak: Iodosulfuron-methyl-based herbicidal ionic liquids comprising alkyl betainate cation as an example of incorporation of adjuvant into chemical structure of herbicide to reduce environmental impact
Amrit Kumar Thakur: Synthesis of high solar absorption material (activated carbon nanoparticles) to improve light-heat conversion ratio for solar desalination applications

Session 2 - Chair: Sam Peel, RSCFST / IFF

High Throughput formulation - Can robots formulate for you? - Jodie Clark, Centre for Process Innovation
Scope of Non-Lamellar Lipid Systems in Emerging Nano-Formulations - Chandrashekhar V. Kulkarni, University of Central Lancashire
High-Time Resolution Measurements of Droplet Evaporation Kinetics and Particle Crystallisation Imaging - Dan Hardy, University of Bristol

Breakout Sessions

Room 1 Ambitions, career progression and professional development Chair: Sam Peel
Room 2 Getting stuff done: juggling work, children, and lockdowns… Chair: Alison Savage
Room 3 Widening participation: equality, diversity and inclusivity in formulation Chair: Vivian Christogianni
Room 4 Catch up with the poster presenters Chair: Chris Ness

Session 3 - Chair: Chris Ness, RSCFST / University of Edinburgh

Scale-up of mouldable adhesive formulations - Priti Ariscrisna, Sugru/FormFormForm Ltd
Making High Performance Computing Essential to the Formulation Industry - Breanndan O Conchuir, IBM Research Europe
Wrap up and close - Chris Ness, RSCFST / University of Edinburgh

Breakout themes:
Ambitions: career progression and professional development
Getting stuff done: juggling work, children, and lockdowns…
Widening participation: equality, diversity and inclusivity in formulation
Science chat: bring your poster and present it in a relaxed and friendly environment (drop us an email in advance with your poster title)

Dr Chris Ness, University of Edinburgh (contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Dr Alison Savage, University of Liverpool
Dr Vivek Trivedi, University of Kent

Register here for free before 11th March 2021