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Modular Masters in Formulation Science and Technology 

The Modular Masters in Formulation Science and Technology has been developed by employers through the Science Industry Partnership to address gaps in provision in Formulation Science. Cogent Skills is the expert delivery partner of the SIP. 

The Modular Masters is unique in offering flexible access to individual modules in formulation science and technology through a network of selected universities.

Employees can study one or more modules as CPD or accumulate credits leading to a postgraduate certificate, diploma or full Masters qualification.

Modules are worth 10 (or occassionally 20) credits and fall into two categories:

Core modules cover fundamental scientific and technological topics broadly relevant to all industries

Specialised modules cover topics mainly of relevance to single industries, or address specialised technological themes.

Find out more about the innovative Modular Masters in Formulation Science and Technology through thisWebinar.The webinar highlights the modules which are available and outlines benefits of the programme which has been designed and guided with the support of leading employers. The Modular Masters is suitable for employees in all industries engaged in some aspect of formulation and seeking to enhance their knowledge. Study one module for CPD or accumulate credits for a Masters qualification. You can alsodownload the slides here.

For more information abd to view the complete suite of modules please visit
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Modular Masters in Formulation Science and Technology - Webinar from Tuesday 14th July 2016 available ONLINE. You can download the slides here too. 


A small number of Universities offer a specific formulation training.

Some are aimed at general formulation - everything from paints to shampoos to pharmaceuticals:

Some are aimed specifically at pharmaceuticals:

Due to the vast field of application of formulation science, it is possible to learn about formulation under a number of headings, such as: colloid science, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, galenic, Pharmaceutical formulation, quality control, analytical chemistry etc...



Professional societies that have dedicated formulation subject groups include:

Other societies or institutions that work closely with the Formulation Science and Technology Group include:

  • Dechema (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • YKI (Stockholm, Sweden)