Black and Green II - Tools for Sustainable Formulations

It used to be black and white but these days in formulations it seems to be black and green.
Increasing concerns over environmental Carbon Footprints and the sustainability of sourcing of raw materials has prompted interest in how technology may be applied to improve the performance of formulated products across Industries.  This meeting was the second in a series of one day symposia organised by the RSC Formulation Science and Technology Group to look at the sustainability of formulations in terms of raw materials, manufacturing and formulation issues and also address how Industries can improve their Carbon Footprints by clever formulation technology.  The seminar had a strong focus on the practical application of carbon footprinting and tools which enable the production of sustainable formulations.

This meeting also included a focused interactive seminar which gave firsthand experience of addressing carbon foot printing during formulation and was supported by examples of successful application.  This workshop was hosted by Intelligent Formulation

FSTG would like to thank Intelligent Formulation for hosting the interactive workshop and our sponsors - Zinsser Analytic, Chemspeed Technologies, Nanocentral and SciMed.

A summary of the meeting is availabe here with links to the presentations.

The presentations from Black and Green Part 1 are also online.

Welcome and Introduction to Black and Green Part 2
Simon Gibbon, AkzoNobel Research Development and Innovaton

The Role of Green Chemistry in Sustainable Formulations
Simon Breeden (Green Chemistry, University of York)

Session 1 - Chair:      Dr Simon Gibbon, AkzoNobel RD&I

Sustainability in Coloration

Chris Pask, Dyecat

Dissolvine GL – the green and sustainable solution for a diverse application base

Tony Minshull, AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals

The Impact of Formulation on Carbon Footprint - An Interactive Workshop
Hosted by Intelligent Formulation: Dr Jim Bullock, Intelligent Formulation Ltd, with contributions from Dr Brian Watt - Innospec, Dr Richard Henderson - GSK and Mike Pitts - Chemistry Innovation KTN.

Session 2 - Chair:         Dr David Higgins, FSTG

Carbon Footprinting and Beyond for Decorative Paints
Dr P L Taylor, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints

BASF Sustainability as a Key Strategic and Tactical Pillar
Dr. Geoff Mackey, Sustainable Development & Communications Director, BASF Europe North

Project ZEAL - reduction or elimination of waste from production / formulation
Eddie Owen, GSK

The Hatch, Match and Dispatch of Nanomaterials
Prof. Ed Lester, Promethean Particles