This was MIBio 2013

MIBio 2013 was organised by the Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS) with valuable assistance from the Joint Colloids Group (RSC/SCI) and the Health Tech and Medicines Knowledge Transfer Network (Health KTN). The event was held on 29th October at the wonderful conference centre of the Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, and attracted more than 90 attendees from both industry and academia.

The MIBio conference series aims to engage world leading experts from academia and industry in a discussion in how the latest molecular interaction based discoveries can be exploited in biopharmaceutical formulation to produce more effective and safer therapeutic products.

The main focus of MIBio 2013 was on the viscosity, characterisation and delivery of high concentration biologics. With the trend in biopharmaceuticals moving towards higher concentration formulations, a key challenge for formulation scientists is the associated increase in formulation viscosity and other concentration-dependent quality attributes. Seven excellent speakers presented their work in this important field, which stimulated vibrant discussions during the day and beyond.

With the valuable contribution that academic research has made to the understanding of rheology of biomolecules, the morning session focused on the lessons we can take from academia on the "molecular interactions in concentrated biopolymers". In the afternoon, we heard an industry perspective on the "development of high concentration biologics" with a valuable opportunity to discuss the key challenges facing industry in the discussion panel session.

MIBio 2013 was a very interesting and educational event, in keeping with the core tenet of the University. We hope that the discussions started on the day will lead to new collaborations and discoveries that will help steer the development of the next generation formulation technologies.

We are grateful to all speakers and poster presenters as well as all the sponsors and exhibitors who joined us, without whose support we could not organise events like this. Please visit their websites as they have a lot to offer and they are your partners in research and product development.

We look forward to seeing you at MIBio 2014!

The MIBio 2013 organising committee was:

  • Jan Jezek (Arecor)
  • Nicholas Darton (Arecor)
  • Tejash Shah (GSK)
  • Stephen Harding (University of Nottingham)