The Formulation Science and Technology (FST) and the Surface Coatings (SCIG) interest groups of the Royal Society of Chemistry organised a conference on Formulating Functional Films and Coatings. Please see the menu on the right for further details about the Programme and Posters.

The conference washeld Online on Wednesday December 8th 2021

This conference was the fourth in an occassional series, following FFFC in 2015, FFFC2 in 2019 and FFFC3 in 2020.

There is a lot of talk about smart and functional materials as a new / unique materials at present, however in reality most coatings have always achieved multi-functional properties and hence had to overcome significant formulation challenges to get the optimum balance of properties and it is these skills which are now allowing people to add in the headline properties that are "smart".  

The nature of this area is such that expertise does not reside in one sector but across many sectors as well as both in industry and academia.  The meeting will provide an opportunity for industrialists to learn both from peers in other industries, but also from academics who are providing knowledge of the fundamental science and for academics to gain insight into key industrial challenges.

Organising committee

  • Dr Helen Ryder, The Univrsity of Manchester / RSC FST
  • Professor Simon Gibbon, The University of Manchester / RSC FST
  • Professor Stuart Clarke, University of Cambridge / RSC SCG
  • Dr Laura Merritt, Merritt Recruitment / RSC SCG

An event organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry's Formulation Science & Technology Interest Group - RSC FST and Surface Coatings Interest Group - RSC SCIG.