The Formulation Science and Technology group (FSTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry organised a conference on Innovations in Encapsulation which was held in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London on Friday December 12th 2014

This was a very successful event where delegates were able to learn more about routes to encapsulated products in the prestigious RSC headquarters at Burlington House, London (next door to the Royal Academy) and were provided with many opportunities for networking with each other. FSTG were very pleased to stroke a good balance of academics and industrialists making the networking opportunities even more valuable.

Organising committee

•    Dr Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy, Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Materials and Pharmacy Director for Postgraduate Studies, Reading School of Pharmacy, University of Reading.
•    Dr Roslyn Holmes, Encapsulation Scientist, Ashland Specialty Ingredients
•    Dr David Higgins, Polymer Consultant in Formulation Science

Programme (please click onto the title for the abstract / link for the PDFs of the presentations)

09:00 - Registration

09:30 - Abstract - Liposomal DNA vaccines – can we learn from nature?PDF of Presentation Professor Yvonne Perrie (Aston University), Head of Pharmacy at Aston University where she specializes in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery.

10:00 - Abstract - Microencapsulation using Microfluidic ProcessesPDF of Presentation Dr Tim Ryan (Epigem Ltd, UK), Director of Epigem Ltd which specializes in micro encapsulation of gases.

10:30 - Abstract - Coating fine particlesPDF of Presentation Andres Larsson (SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden)

10:50 - Short Presentation on CAP-IT

11:00 - Coffee + exhibition and posters  (Including 7 posters from CAP-IT, the recently completed EU funded project involving P&G / PTSG of ICheme / University of Birmingham on advanced encapsulation technology for sustainable detergency)

11:30 - Abstract - Layer-by-layer capsules for fragrance encapsulation, Sandrine Le Tirilly (Delivery System, Givaudan, France), Research Scentist 

12:00 - Abstract - High-throughput synthesis and characterisation of microscapsulesPDF of Presentation Johan Paul, Flamac (Belgium)

12:20 - Lunch + exhibition and posters

13:20 - Abstract - Liquid Core – Silica Shell MicrocapsulesPDF of Presentation Professor Brian Vincent (Bristol University, UK)
Professor Brian Vincent is distinguished for his many outstanding, wide-ranging and original contributions to the field of colloid and surface chemistry and is internationally recognised as a world leader in the field. He has always led a large group, consisting of postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students carrying out fundamental research. Many of his students and fellows have become professors and senior industrial research leaders. Brian’s links with industry have always been very strong and he has acted as a consultant for many international companies. He was also the Founder and first Director of the Bristol Colloid Centre (BCC, in 1994), which continues to provide short-term research, training and consulting support for industry. The BCC has served as a model for several similar enterprises (including Scientific Services Group at the Ian Wark Research Institute).

13:50 - Abstract - Direction Measurement of the Mechanical Strength of Single Microcapsules by MicromanipulationPDF of Presentation Professor Zhibing Zhang (Birmingham University, UK)
Professor Zhang has built an international reputation for developing original work on micromanipulation of single micro-/nanoparticles and encapsulation/bioencapsulation with applications in chemical, food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, household care and human care industries. 
Professor Zhang is a member of the Editorial Boards of Journal of Microencapsulation; Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes and Biotechnology and International Journal of Chemical Engineering, EPSRC Peer Review College, an Overseas Assessor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an Assessor for IChemE Accreditation. 
He has authored and co-authored over 100 journal papers and approximately 200 other publications (refereed conference papers, book chapters, conference presentations, patent, etc). 
He is also well known for his work in the characterization of microencapsulated products.

14:20 - Abstract - Development of microcapsules as additives for advanced compositesmPDF of Presentation Dr. Roberto Teixeira (Devan Chemicals, Ronse, Belgium)

14:40 - Abstract - Opportunities and challenges in encapsulation for Home & Personal Care ProductsPDF of Presentation Katherine Thompson (Unilever, UK) Research scientist specializing in Micro encapsulated products in Unilever

15:15 - Coffee + exhibition and posters

15:40 - Abstract - Bijel capsules: A new type of encapsulated geometry, PDF of Presentation Joe W Tavacoli (University of Edinburgh, UK)

16:00 - Abstract - Encapsulation of acid-sensitive probiotic bacteriaPDF of Presentation Michael Cook (Reading University, UK)
Michael Cook is a postdoctoral research assistant working with Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy at the University of Reading. His doctorate was on the ‘Microencapsulation of Synbiotic Products’, in collaboration with Dr Dimitrios Charalampopoulos. With the group, he has published seven articles on the microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria, including a literature review. He has presented his work at numerous large conferences, including the Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting in Quebec (2012) and the 21st International Conference on Bioencapsulation, in Berlin (2013).

16:30 - Further networking and close