mibio 2015

5th Annual MIBio Conference

MIBio 2015: Stability of biopharmaceuticals – From molecular interactions to successful products

MIBio 2015 was organised by the Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) and the Joint Colloids Group of the SCI and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) together with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS), with valuable assistance from the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). The event was held on 21st October 2015, Cripps Court, Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK.

Over the last decade, formulation has become a critical and integral part of the biopharmaceutical development process. With the increasing number of biopharmaceutical pipeline products as well as the increase in number of off-patent blockbuster biologics the importance of formulation is even greater than ever. It is very important to ensure that the latest scientific discoveries and advancements in analytical methods are integrated in the formulation process as efficiently as possible. Only products that are formulated to achieve an excellent stability profile and convenient administration will succeed in the increasingly competitive market place.

At MIBio 2015 the latest advances in understanding molecular interactions that can be harnessed to improve formulations of biopharmaceutical products were discussed. Such advances will create value if they are properly utilised in the product development process. Also covered were efficient ways of integrating the latest scientific and methodological advances in the formulation process and, in turn, optimal ways of integrating formulation development in the overall development process. The best ways of extracting value from such advances via creating new intellectual property was also addressed. Seven key experts in the field presented during the day on these topics, and, as is tradition in the MIBio series, the audience participated in a discussion of these important matters.

MIBio 2015 attracted over 90 industrial and academic research attendees creating an interesting and stimulating event that we hope will foster new collaborations and discoveries steering the development of the next generation formulation technologies. We are grateful to all the speakers, poster presenters and discussion panel members as well as all the sponsors and exhibitors who joined us, without whose support we could not organise events like this..

The MIBio 2015 organising committee was:

  • Jan Jezek (Arecor)
  • Nicholas J. Darton (Arecor)
  • Tejash Shah (GSK)
  • Stephen Harding (University of Nottingham)