You can get up to speed with the aims and the background of the projects by clicking on "project aims" to read the proposal and "FF1 slides" to see the slides form Future Formulation 1 so that we will have the most productive discussions on 16th May.

10:00 – Registration

10:20 Welcome - Ricky Wildman, University of Nottingham, Simon Gibbon, RSC FSTG / AkzoNobel RD&I

10:30 Professor Colin Bain & Jack Goodall - Durham University - Evaporative Drying of Droplets and the Formation of Micro-structured and Functional Particles and Films - slides- Colin Bain, slides - Jack Goodall - project aims

11:00 Dr Jin Sun, Dr John Royer - University of Edinburgh & Dr Mark Haw - University of Strathclyde - Linking particle properties and process conditions to complex flows of high-solid-content dispersions - slides - project aims

11:30 Dr Csaba Sinka & Dr Ben Edmunds - University of Leicester - Virtual Formulation Laboratory for prediction and optimisation ofers  manufacturability of advanced solids based formulations - slides - project aims

12:00 Lunch / Posters / Tours

14:00 Dr Robin Curtis & Dr Jordan Bye - The University of Manchester - Enabling rapid liquid and freeze-dried formulation design for the manufacture and delivery of novel biopharmaceuticals - slides - Robin Curtis, slides - Jordon Bye - project aims

14:30 Dr Darragh Murnane - The University of Hertfordshire - Computational Pharmaceutics: An Approach to Guide Formulation Design and Enhance Mechanistic Understanding of Inhaled Formulation Performance - slides  - project aims

15:00 Professor Panagiota Angeli, Miss Simona Migliozzi & Dr Weheliye Weheliye - University College London - Complex ORAL health products (CORAL): Characterisation, modelling and manufacturing challenges - slides  - project aims

15:30 Tea / Coffee

16:00 Professor Ricky Wildman - University of Nottingham - Formulation for 3D printing: Creating a plug and play platform for a disruptive UK industry - slides - project aims

16:30 CPI's National Formulation Centre - 1 Year On - Dr Caroline Kelly, CPI - slides

16:45 Formulation Roadmap - Dr Rachel Rowlands-Jones, Knowledge Transfer Network - slides

17:30 Networking / Soft Close