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Particle Ordering in Bimodal Blends of Colloidal Polymer Particles: Designing and Controlling Structure in Waterborne Coatings
David Makepeace, Sian Moorhouse, James Burns, Joseph L. Keddie
Department of Physics, University of Surrey, GU2 7XH, Guildford, UK

Supramolecular Materials for Inkjet Printing: Self-Assembling Polymer Networks
Lewis R. Hart(a), Josephine L. Harries(b), Barnaby W. Greenland(c), Howard M. Colquhoun(a) and Wayne Hayes(a)
a Department of Chemistry, University of Reading, Reading, RG6 6AD, U.K.
b Domino UK Ltd, Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge, CB23 8TU, U.K.
c The Reading School of Pharmacy, University of Reading, Reading, RG6 6AD, U.K.

Dynamical Studies of spin-coated polymer films
Daniel T. W. Toolan(a), Nikki Pullan(b), Paul D. Topham(b) & Jonathan R. Howse(a)
a Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield S1 3JD, UK.
b Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK

Water sorption and diffusion in primary and secondary emulsion polymer films
Yang Liu†, A. Gajewicz†, Willem-Jan Soer‡, J. Scheerder‡, G. Satgurunathan‡, Peter McDonald†, and Joseph L. Keddie†
† Department of Physics, University of Surrey, GU2 7XH, Guildford, UK
‡ DSM Coating Resins B.V. Sluisweg 12, 5145 PE Waalwijk, Netherlands

Behaviour of Polymer-Nanoparticle Binary System at Air-Water Interface
Kai Yu, Huagui Zhang, David Harbottle*, and Olivier Cayre*
School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds, UK

Sustainable Research and Development via Automated Formulation and Attribute Characterisation of Novel Coatings
Dr Adam Taylor, Ian Riley and Beverley Olmez
Labman Automation Limited, Stokesley, TS9 5NQ, U.K.

Filament stretching and break-up behaviour of model colloidal dispersions as inkjet fluids
Huagui Zhang, Mohmed Mulla, Olivier Cayre
School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT, Leeds, UK

Nanocontainer-Based Multifunctional Self-Healing Coatings
Dmitry Shchukin
University of Liverpool

In situ laser scattering and stroboscopic investigations for colloidal self-assembly during spin coating process
Mahmoud Mohamed, Jonathan Howse
The Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield

Vapour Permeability of Membrane Films using DVS Payne Diffusion Cell
Majid Naderi(1), Manaswini Acharya(1), Jurgen Dienstmaier(1), Anett Kondor(1), Armando Garcia(2) and Dan Burnett(2)
(1)Surface Measurement Systems Ltd., Unit 5, Wharfside, Rosemont Road, Alperton, London. HA0 4PE, U.K.
(2)Surface Measurement Systems Ltd., 2125 28th Street SW, Suite 1, Allentown, PA 18103, U.S.A.

New Techniques for Studying Droplet Drying Kinetics
Jonathan P. Reid, Rachael E.H. Miles and Allen E. Haddrell
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TS

Waterborne nanoceria/polymer nanocomposites: Enhanced properties through designed nanostructure
I. Martin-Fabiani(1), A.M.Cenacchi Pereira(2), M. Lansalot(2), F. D'Agosto(2), E. Bourgeat-Lami(2), J.L. Keddie(1)
(1) Department of Physics, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
(2) Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, CNRS & CPE Lyon, France

Detection of Poor Acid Resistance of Enteric Coats using Surface Dissolution Imaging
Darren Matthews, Karl Box
Sirius Analytical, Forest Row, RH18 5DW

Film formation analysis with diffusing wave spectroscopy
G. Brambilla, R. Ramsch, F. Fleury, P. Bru, G. Meunier
Formulaction, SASu, 10 impasse de Bordé Basse, 31240 L’Union

Responsive Polymer Coated Particles for Consumer Products
Lisa E. Scullion, Paul. H Findlay & David A. Pears
Revolymer (U.K.) Limited, 1 Newtech Square, Zone 2, Deeside Industrial Park, Flintshire, CH5 2NT UK

The Use of AFM-IR to Study Water in Organic Coatings
Suzanne Morsch(1), Stuart Lyon(1) and Simon Gibbon(2)
(1) AkzoNobel Laboratory of Corrosion Protection, School of Materials, The University of Manchester
(2) AkzoNobel RD&I, Felling, Newcastle