08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Opening remarks

Morning session: Formulation and drug-device development – the present and the future

09:15 Moving from Drug Delivery towards Patient Outcome improvement: a serious challenge for Biologic Formulation Technology
Didier Pertuy (VP, Global Head Drug-Device Development, Sanofi, France)

09:45 Cell and gene therapy formulation technologies: transitioning clinical therapies to medicines
Rita Majithiya (Investigator, Formulation and delivery, GSK, UK)

10:15 Speed Networking

11:15 Producing protein and structures for human membrane proteins for antibody development and drug design
Liz Carpenter (Professor, University of Oxford, UK)

11:45 Exhibitors highlight

12:40 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Posters

Afternoon session: Creative formulation approaches to overcome new and old challenges

13:45 Introduction

14:00 Development of co-formulation of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant human hyaluronidase (rHuPH20) - a case study

Astrid Pappenberger (Group leader, Senior Scientist, Roche, Switzerland)

14:30 Combining computational approaches and experiments for selecting compounds with the desired properties, applied in particular to the osmolyte-like effects on the thermal stability of a monoclonal antibody
Andreas Bender (Lecturer for molecular informatics and drug design, University of Cambridge, UK)

15:00 Coffee break, Exhibition and Posters

15:30 Use of Math Modelling to Understand Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals to the Lung
Nia Stevens (Investigator, GSK, UK)

16:00 Discussion panel: 
Creative formulation to enable new product concepts – Current and future trends, regulatory considerations and alignment with product strategies

17:00 Concluding remarks

17:10 Conference ends