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09:30      Registration

10:10      Welcome

Session One – Chair Dr Cuross Bakhtiar

10:15      Anti-Aging Market Overview - Richard Scott, Personal Care Magazine

10:30      Skim Ageing Processes - Mr Azhar Aslam, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

11.00      Solar UV radiation damage to skin: endogenous versus exogenous protection - Prof Rex Tyrrell, Pharmacy Dept., Bath University 

11.30      Targeting actives to the skin – where are we so far  Dr Majella Lane, UCL School of Pharmacy, London, United Kingdom

12:00      Lunch + exhibition, posters & networking

Session Two – Chair Dr Roslyn Holmes

13:15      Does anti ageing advertising have a future? - Dr Chris Gummer - Cider Solutions Ltd

13:45      The Cosmetic Products Regulation: enabler or restrictor for anti-ageing products -  Dr Chris Flower - CTPA

14:20      Delivery Systems in Cosmetics: Indulging our skin when and where it is needed most - Dr Natascia Grimaldi - Infinitec Activos

14:40      Tea + exhibition, posters & networking

 Session Three – Chair Dr Matthew Giles

15:00      Can you be certain the Skin Anti-aging product you formulated is the one the consumer is using? - Dr. Barbara Brockway

15:30      Fermenting the Future: Sustainable Actives for Personal Care -  Jessica Choi - Europe Active Concepts

16:30       Evaluating the Efficacy of Cosmetic Actives -  John Lofthouse  - CLR, Raw Materials Company     

16:30       What Makes A Great Anti-Aging Formulation  - Colin Sanders - Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy Ltd

17:00      Close – followed by networking reception with mulled wine