Click on titles for the abstracts and presentations / recordings where available.

9:45 Meeting start - Introduction / Welcome - Dr Curros Bakhtiar (Harley Street Cosmetics) and Dr Matthew Giles (Innospec)

Session 1 – Physical characterisation- Chair Dr Cuross Bakhtiar

10:00 Application of Confocal Raman Spectroscopy in personal care formulation- Professor Majella Lane, UCL Pharmacy
10:35 Determination of the physical properties of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products - Ron Savin, Anton Paar ltd.
11:10 Making "light" work of Cosmetics Testing - James Holloway, Fullbrook Systems Limited
11:45 Topical formulations under the microscope: chemical imaging and fate post application - Natalie Belsey, National Physical Laboratory
12:20 Real-time and accelerated aging tests and beyond - Dr Arnold Uhl, LUM GmbH

12:55 Break for Lunch

Session 2 – Product safety - Chair Dr Matthew Giles

13:30 Future Directions in Personal Care and Medical Device Topical Product Testing: How do ensure they are safe and deliver benefits for consumers? - Stewart Long, Cutest
14:05 Better Science, Better Ethics: 100% animal-free cosmetic safety testing approaches - Chris Longmore, XCellR8
14:40 Challenge Testing - Proof of performance, basis for corrective actions! - Kurt Dieker, Evonik
15:15 Manage effectively Testing and QC in your laboratory - Flora Pense, Coptis

15:50 Comments and concluding remarks
16:00 Finish