10:00 Arrival, registration, coffee and putting up posters
10:20 Welcome and Introduction
10:30 Understanding the role of processing and formulation on rice bran wax oleogels microstructure
Dr Vincenzo di Bari, University of Nottingham
11:00 A formulation journey at Unilever
Dr Maria Jimenez-Solomon, Unilever
11:30 Characterising your formulations!
Dr Emily Summerton, Johnson Matthey
11:45 Designing colloidal formulations and bespoke rheological tests for 3D printing
Dr Esther García-Tuñón, University of Liverpool
12:00 2-minute poster pitches
12:15 Lunch and posters
13:30 Rheology and characterisation of Sugru mouldable glues (RTV-1 silicone elastomer putty)
Dr Vivian Christogianni, FormFormForm
14:00 A crystal engineering approach for the design of complex food and pharma colloidal structures
Dr Elena Simone, University of Leeds
14:30 Particle breakage mechanics in milling operation
Dr Li Ge Wang, University of Sheffield
14:45 Hierarchical photonic pigments via the confined self-assembly of bottlebrush block copolymers
Dr Richard Parker, University of Cambridge
15:00 Force distribution and contact network analysis of sheared dense suspensions
Dr Ranga Radhakrishnan, University of Edinburgh
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Molecular migration in poly(vinyl alcohol) mixtures
Katarzyna Majerczak, University of Birmingham
16:15 Powder Processing and the Catapult Network
Chester Aguirre, Centre for Process Innovation
16:45 Improving multi-component tablet property prediction from pure component parameters
Dr Hikaru Jolliffe, University of Strathclyde
17:00 It’s not just watching paint dry
Remya Norris, AkzoNobel




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