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10:00 – Registration

10:30 Welcome - Simon Gibbon, RSC FSTG / AkzoNobel RD&I - slides

10:40 Rebecca Williams / Ellen Meek, EPSRC - Future Formulation the EPSRC's View - slides

10:55 John Carroll, CPI - Formulation at the National Formulation Centre - slides

11:10 Professor Ricky Wildman - University of Nottingham - Formulation for 3D printing: Creating a plug and play platform for a disruptive UK industry - slides - proposal

11:40 Dr Jin Sun, Prof Wilson Poon, Dr John Royer - University of Edinburgh & Dr Mark Haw - University of Strathclyde - Predictive formulation of high-solid content complex dispersions - slides - proposal

12:10 Professor Mojtaba Ghadiri - University of Leeds, Dr Csaba Sinka - University of Leicester - Virtual Formulation Laboratory for prediction and optimisation of manufacturability of advanced solids based formulations - slides - proposal

12:40 Lunch

13:40 Dr Robin Curtis - The University of Manchester - Enabling rapid liquid and freeze-dried formulation design for the manufacture and delivery of novel biopharmaceuticals - slides - proposal

14:10 Dr Darragh Murnane - The University of Hertfordshire - Computational Pharmaceutics: An Approach to Guide Formulation Design and Enhance Mechanistic Understanding of Inhaled Formulation Performance - slides - proposal

14:40 Professor Panagiota Angeli - University College London - Complex ORAL health products (CORAL): Characterisation, modelling and manufacturing challenges - slides - proposal

15:10 Refreshments

15:30 Professor Colin Bain - Durham University - Evaporative Drying of Droplets and the Formation of Micro-structured and Functional Particles and Films - slides - proposal

16:00 Revolutionary formulation & Panel Discussion / questions - topics from the audience
with Professor Paul Bartlett, University of Bristol, Dr Stuart Clarke, University of Cambridge & Professor Tom McLeish, Durham University

17:00 Networking

17:30 Close